Friday, May 14, 2010

What did you learn today?

If your answer is ''too much,'' then look away. If your answer is ''not enough,'' then it might be a good time to seize the opportunities on offer at the Adult Learners Week which runs from Saturday, 15 May until Friday 21 May. There's a launch event at the Civic Suite in that Catford starting at 11am until 3pm, where, in their words...

''For the first time in Lewisham we will be celebrating the start of Adult Leaners* Week with an open event at the Civic Suite. There will be a number of learning providers on hand to offer advice and guidance regarding the various opportunites for learning within the borough. There will be a range of free activities for all the family, including a CV workshop, art and craft based activities as well as a chance to win prizes and enjoy refreshments.

*That Adult Leaners Week is not my mistake - that's what the text says. I guess it's simply an event in line with Teenage Tottering Tuesday and Wife Wobblers Wednesday...

Anywho...the events are listed on the calendar page if you can't be bothered with the council website.


  1. oh that makes a change , i thought they'd axed alot of adult Ed stuff , in favour of yoof education , i might actually go along to see if there's anything of interest ..

  2. It's being held at a mixture of addresses. I've tried to add all the details to the calendar page so it's probably fairly accurate. But I was watching Ashes to Ashes at the same time, so I'm not giving guarantees :-)

  3. Probably not the right place for this, but according to the signs in the window, the Deptford Arms is having a 'last night party' before closing down, tonight (Sat.15th May). Surprised you've not covered this already, tbh.

  4. San, it's the first we've heard about it. Thanks for letting us know, though. My first thought is that it's a riposte to the planning permission rejection - if we can't have our Paddy Power signs outside, then you can't have a pub. We'll close it and let it fall into disrepair...

    And very, very few pubs, once closed, reopen these days.

  5. Actually, Marmoset, the Walrus emailed me yesterday to say today was the last day, but he didn't mention 'a party'...

  6. Pertinent to the main post, I think it's worth mentioning the national 'Face Your Online Fears' campaign to get more people familiar with getting online and using computers, especially older people.
    The nearest "UK Online Centre" is Wavelengths Library. They're having a SILVER SURFERS DAY on Friday 21 May (2-4pm), especially designed for learners over 55.
    If you know anyone who wants to get online but needs a bit of help, tell them about this or give them this number: 0800 77 1234.
    There's also the chance to win a laptop at:

  7. Adult Learners' Week always provides an excellent opportunity to think about learning a new language.

    The Esperanto Association has launched a course for beginners which I think provides an excellent springboard to the learning of many languages.

    I hope your readers may be interested :)

    You can see this at