Sunday, May 23, 2010

Opportunity to comment on Paddy Power appeal

The Deptford Dame has posted an update on the progress of Paddy Power's appeal against Lewisham's Planning decision to disallow them to change the frontage of the Deptford Arms. Read the Dame's post here, where you can also see the Paddy Power plans.

The Dame says: "anyone can comment on the appeal, you can do so online at this link, by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page (to documents) and then clicking through from the new page to 'comment on this case' but you must do so by 8 June 2010." Please find a moment to do this!


  1. If you're wondering what to say when you comment, here's some suggestions:

    The signage is nasty and gaudy. Flood lighting is not appropriate. The logo is unattractive and cheap looking. The brand name is an insult to the Irish.

    Another bookmakers is not required on this street and does not add variety and vitality to the shopping area as claimed by the appellants.

    I strongly object to any plans for this company to advertise its presence in the area.
    I strongly object to another bookmakers being situated not only opposite another already established bookmakers, but within a few paces of three others, making it the seventh in the high street as a whole.

    There are already plenty of problems with street drinking and clientele hanging about on the street outside the other bookmakers, particularly Ladbrokes and Coral.

  2. Done. Thinking about what they're trying to do to the high street makes my blood boil.

  3. A shame, although the Arms has been a bit of a dump in all the time I've been around. The brand name though, is that of the owner of the chain (the definitely Irish Paddy Power) and of his grandfather who founded it about a century ago, so it might be worth leaving that bit out of any objection.

  4. You are kidding. They're an amalgam of three enormous betting companies who got together a couple of years ago.
    I know Power is an Irish name cos I used to date one, nearly married him, I probably didn't cos I'd be Sue Power, but's a great name for honest people, not scoundrels.
    Anyway, the battle's lost, as we knew it would be...

  5. (Reminiscing) Tony Power was a tool maker from Aylesbury or was it Amersham, who could play lead guitar like Eric Clapton and bass guitar like Jack Bruce, and is probably still a tool maker in Aylesbury, or was it Amersham...

  6. And I stopped wanting to marry him when I found myself supporting him on my student you think that's anything to do with it, anon?