Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Elephant Family at Greenwich

A campaign to save the endangered Asian elephant was recently launched, bringing over 250 brightly painted life-size elephants to tourist locations all over London. Each is decorated by a different artist or celebrity and will be on display until July in the biggest outdoor event on record. The elephants are for sale in an auction organised by Giving Lots – live online bidding began on 15th May, and the charity 'Elephant Family' hope to raise £2 million to protect the Asian elephant whilst also benefitting 20 UK conservation charities.

Here are two of the elephants outside Greenwich Discovery Centre (Lot number 52: 'Claire de Lune' by artist Adam Durrant, and Lot number 128: 'Cotee' by artist Joanna Martin). There is also another in Greenwich Market (which I missed!). If you've been into town in the past couple of days you'll probably have seen some more...

An amazing project: more info at where you can download the 'route map' and find out where the other elephants are and perhaps place your bid...

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  1. Good thinking, Sue. I was about to do a post on this lovely project but you beat me to it.