Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bulk Household Waste Removal

Leaseholders were subjected to a new charge this year, with absolutely no explanation or warning that it would be introduced. Last year, when we queried the new charge for Anti Social Behaviour, we were told it included Bulk Household Removal. That answer came from Andrew Barrett, Head of Resources, who obviously didn't have a clue what the ASB charge was for at the time.

We are still waiting for a reply from Leasehold Services, but in the meantime a search of the Lewisham Homes website produced this:

"We are running a new service this year 2010/11 called bulky household waste removal* - to collect large waste items from estates.

As a result of consultation through the Residents’ Business Plan
(I don't believe any resident from the 365 flats on Crossfields was consulted!), tenants and leaseholders requested that Lewisham Homes look into providing this service. The service is paid for by your service charges and will be charged at £0.26 per week.

* Bulky household waste removal will only be charged to those tenants who live on estates as we are unable to provide the service for street properties.

The table below details the collection day/s for your estate. If you have items of bulky household waste such as old furniture etc, please place them outside the entrance of the block on the morning.


There is a timetable posted which you can see on this page on the Lewisham Homes website. It says the collection days for Crossfields are: MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY and SUNDAY.

Whilst it is hard to complain about paying 26p a week for this service, one might wonder why, with four scheduled collections a week, this little lot is still here after a week...and why we should be paying for what might be a little off-road flytipping.

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