Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting to Tescos...

People who always travel by car will probably not have noticed the disappearance of Silk Mills Passage.  But walkers and cyclists will remember that you could get to the lower Tescos entrance ''along the bottom'' by following Silk Mills Passage.  Because it's deliberately not signposted, you may not have realised that it's open again since they completed the Silkmills development.  Not the exact same route and, cyclists beware, there are a handful of steps to negotiate.

On the positive side, though, it's perhaps straighter (and shorter) than it used to be. 

But first, how do you get to Silk Mills Passage from Deptford?  Again, it's deliberately not signposted - because heaven forfend, what on earth would happen if strangers started walking or even cycling through our investment?  (This route wasn't there before the development very quietly opened it up.  Car drivers, please note that you won't be able to drive through One SE8 unless you have a card that opens the barrier.)

What you do, is walk straight into the One SE8 (or whatever it's called) development and follow the road past a right-left dogleg into Beck Close (which in effect is no longer a Close) and then into Coldbath Street.

View Deptford to Tescos in a larger map

If you really want to get to the main entrance, turn left at Silkmills and follow Conington Road.

Damn it, I can't get rid of this map!  I blame Blogger - though I admit it was my first attempt at using the ''my maps'' function of Google Maps.  Please ignore it.

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  1. Thanks for the info about the cut-through, I'll be trying that out shortly. Although not to visit Tesco's, I hasten to add - just out of pure nosiness!