Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ruddy duck alert...

The cold northerly wind has dampened the great tits' early morning song but today, minutes ago, the very red plumaged Ruddock was sighted on the top floor of Holden.  Unfortunately it had already flown before I got my camera out.  Compared to the great tit's regular morning call, the ruddy duck only makes its territorial call on a 4 to 5 year cycle, so I'm going to have a long wait before I get my next chance to capture it on camera.

Talking of gas engineers, the gas safety inspection man came round today so it's been a busy day up here!  I wasn't expecting him but that's most likely because I expected the Lewisham Homes letter to be about rent arrears so I simply left it in the hallway pile.  Luckily, it seems that neither I nor my neighbours are in imminent danger of exploding.  That's one positive thing.

But the visit has left me wondering about a PC question.  The chap was a Sikh and I couldn't help noticing - well you probably would, wouldn't you - that his turban was Lewisham Homes purple.  I found myself wanting to ask whether he'd chosen purple to match his Lewisham Homes sweatshirt or whether Lewisham Homes insisted on him wearing the house colours.  But I hesitated and the moment passed.

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