Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Something for the girls

As another pub goes down (see last post), there is at least some positive use being made of another ex-pub on the High Street.  The Girl's House (led by the Young People's Health Project charity) has set up shop in the old Windsor Castle. 

The Girl's House project, catering for girls and young women aged between 11 - 25, is a project which first set up in an unused shop in Lewisham High Street.  It aims to engage with young women, help them access local services and information, as well as ensuring them a safe women-only youth centre environment.  Girls can just drop in with no need for an appointment and get confidential help and advice and take part in a range of self-help and health awareness workshops.

But it's not all worthy health and education - there's fun stuff as well - they have a ''state-of-the-art Dance Mat'', street dance sessions, Playstation Singstar, computers with free internet access and a chill-out area with magazines and books.

It's at 163 Deptford High Street until June.  Opening times are Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm and all girls between 11-25 are welcome.


  1. what a great idea , but only till june ! ? ,
    it should be open 7days a week 365 days of the year ... shame on the council or who ever closes it down ..

  2. what a great idea , but only till june !? WTF ..

  3. Yes, Wilshaw Lass, it is a very short run, isn't it? Even at its initial site in Lewisham High Street it was only up for 8 weeks and then popped up again in Sydenham. And then it might pop up again in Downham, Beckenham or Whereverham, in autumn. From the council website it looks like the Deptford site was announced at the very end of April and is set to run for another 8-week cycle. Unfortunately I only saw the article yesterday, so that's already 3 weeks out of the 8 already gone.

    I'd guess that the charity only gets limited funding from Lewisham council and that is for a borough-wide service. A case of a little bit having to go a long way...