Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This is as near to politics as I'm going...

''Undecided'' posted a comment this afternoon on the Perhaps none of the above post from last weekend and it's bumped me out of my political anomie.  He or she (I've not decided) mentioned an election overview site on the BBC's webpages and it reminded me that we were going to post the page to the blog in case there were any other voters who class themselves as still-deciding.  So, thanks to Undecided for shaming me into action!

Here you can compare the main policies 3 parties at a time, and there are links to the parties' manifestos lower in the page.  

(As a general policy, Crosswhatfields has not taken a political line and, though we were asked by one party for support, we didn't go public with it.  But for your own diversion, they also forwarded a link to policy comparison site, a sort of ''which policies do you like'' site that then tells you which parties' manifesto you have supported the most.  It claims to be impartial, or at least independent.  And salt in itself doesn't clog up your arteries...until you swallow it.  So, if you've got a wee while, have a look here)


  1. You say 'we were asked by one party for support, we didn't go public with it' - why not? If it's not 'public', then why mention it? If party X has taken an interest in your blog to this extent then, although I agree party political support from X?fields for anyone would be inappropriate, why not let us know who that is, what did they say?

  2. San, nothing particularly partisan but they wished us well and enclosed the embed code for a campaign video in case we were doing a round up of the parties. Which, in the event, we were not. There are plenty of local blogs, for example Brockley Central and Deptford Dame, that have done round ups and mini-hustings, and where we know of the blog, we've put links up for them over on the panel on the left-hand side.

    But I take your point - mentioning them yet not naming them could be seen as little more than a tease. This wasn't my intention and I'll be a little more thoughtful next time around.