Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blues or Reds in a First Past the Post game?

This Sunday at 4 pm the Blue rosettes will go to the country with a slight 1-point lead over their nearest rivals in red to see who has the right to govern the Premier League.  The ruling party in red, after 3 re-elections, suffered severely in European negotiations earlier this year ("One bad week," according to Sir Alex Ferguson) and, perhaps distracted by rumours of an alliance with the Green (and Gold) Party, now find themselves trailing in the polls by a single point.

(As today's Guardian sees it, fighting over the banking industry.)
Current predictions suggest that the blues are in the driving seat and that the title is now theirs to lose.  The Scots-led reds can now only seek to see their campaign out with no further setbacks in the hope that the blues slip up at the final hurdle.

However, all the evidence suggests that even in the event of a likely blues win, they will still not have enough points to establish a clear majority in the Premier league.  Financial markets have been jittery faced with the uncertain prospect of a hung premier league.  In the words of a commentator: ''They think it's all over.''


Other news: No change in the Council Championship.


  1. Marlow's ghostSunday, May 09, 2010

    As the brief spark of "democracy"gutters into darkness and the slough of despond settles over a confused land I find ,to my horror, that the same old criminals rule the borough. No doubt our Mayor is keenly anticipating the next raft of brown envelopes for dumping further absurd amounts of unsuitable housing on Deptford.And,of course, our jaded ,fence-sitting,but annoyingly conscientious MP will be composing those irritatingly bland responses to our pleas for help that do nothing other than tick some new labour box. The vile developments will continue to bury us and steal our soul.Our restorable railway station,so unique to us,will be replaced by some tubular steel monstrosity that happens to bear the name of a superannuated architect well past his sell-by date when it comes to ideas.The geographical centre of our identity The Royal Dockyard that could bring a maritime renaissance and real employment to Deptford will be buried in high cost housing by the very newspaper magnate who thinks he controls our politics and horrifyingly maybe he does ! Shame on you Lewisham and god help us in Deptford.

  2. Much more relevant to Crossfields is the forthcoming struggle between the SE London blues and reds at Wembley in the 1st Division play off final...

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