Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day, May Day

OK, that was yesterday, but in parts of England, particularly Kent, the celebrations continue. Rochester likes to do it in style. Likewise Hastings. Only a short train ride away, Rochester's Sweeps Festival goes on till Monday. Download the brochure here at the 'What's On in Medway' site (go to Downloads). A Crosswhatfields roving reporter was there today...these are surely the scariest Morris dancers you have ever seen.

Meanwhile, May 1st was celebrated at the Deptford Arms last night by the lovely Kit & Cutter with guest Martin Carthy (legendary folk musician, extraordinary storyteller and guitarist) and others – including a slideshow of Deptford's celebration of May Day through the ages to modern day by Transpontine (local blogger), and the Belles of London City (making Morris dancing sexy if that's at all possible)...

Kit and Cutter (aka Helen and Kate) ended the evening on a "to be continued" note – they are now looking for a new venue since, by all accounts, the pub will shortly close to become the seventh betting shop in the high street, despite planning permission being refused (see previous posts).

To be continued indeed...As I left, a fearless young woman named Anna had approached the landlord to propose the astonishing idea of a community buy-out...

Thanks to Peter Tingey for photos. 

Transpontine has written in more detail about the evening here.

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