Sunday, June 6, 2010

Estate Inspection – Frankham House

New Quality Inspector Ruth will be doing the rounds at Frankham House on Wednesday 9 June, starting at 10am.

She inspected Congers, Farrer and Finch on 2nd June, but unfortunately at too late notice for any of the TRA to attend. Hopefully these blocks had posters informing them of the walkabout.

Glendales cut the grass last week (Thursday? ). There is no schedule for when they might do this – the frequency is dependent on requirements, ie how high the grass has grown. Therefore we have no idea whether they did this because Raphael pointed out the height of the grass on the last inspection of the south side of the estate on 27th May, or if they came on their own volition...

Postscript 9/6/10: they still have not cut the grass in front of Holden/Browne.


  1. Probably just as well they haven't cut the Holden grass, so people can't sit in the dogshit!!!

  2. I know someone who met with Ruth on the inspection and said she was really nice and took on board her concerns.