Friday, June 18, 2010

Lewisham Homes online service

12 noon, 18 June

A new expensive-looking version of the Home arrived in my letterbox today.  It says there's a new way of checking your rent (and service charge balances) online.

Sounds good. So, following the instructions, I visited and looked for the 'Account login' quick link on the blue navigation menu.  Only there is no blue navigation menu.  So I went to ''register'' on the purple menu instead and filled in the form and hit enter...

Thank you for taking the time to complete the registration process.
Your request for an account has been passed to Lewisham Homes and is awaiting approval. Once approved you will be sent a Password and a unique PIN number which will then enable you to access your account within the Online Portal.
If you have any queries or questions please goto the Contact Page for information on how to get in touch.

No email with password and PIN yet...the online part of it must be on its lunch break.  I'll update this post when or if anything happens.

17:30, 19 June, still nothing....

01:08, 20 June

Saturday night so I wasn't expecting much.  But I had some money in the bank, I think I have just gone into arrears and I wanted to get the money in before I spent it - so much for striking while the online's hot.  I've still not had the confirmation email and then if I get that, I'll still have to wait for the password sent by post.  I'm beginning to wonder whether I made an error with my email address....

08:50, 23 June

So, France have been eliminated ignominiously from the World Cup finals, Wimbledon has begun, an Irishman with a Welsh surname, Morgan, has just scored a century for England, thereby beating Australia in the one day internationals, and still nowt, nowt at all.  Unless the recorded delivery the postie tried to deliver at ''07h2'' was a letter from Lewisham Homes, but I can't find out until said postie returns my letter to the sorting office. 

12:15, 23 June

Aha, progress!  They've managed to do part one of the registration process.  I got an ''automated'' email thanking me for applying to register for the online service.  I'm not sure what kind of automated service takes 5 days to get an email back.  But this is not online as we have come to know it, no this is Lewisham Homes online...   Anyhow, I now have a password but I can't access all the services until I get the PIN which is apparently being delivered by post.

Oh, I almost forgot.  England beat Slovenia and it's sunny.

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