Monday, June 21, 2010

ThamesWorld - Liquid history - revisiting Deptford's riverfront

A few snapshots from the performance on 20 June 2010...before my batteries retired for the day...


  1. Those are great, thanks! Was it fun?

  2. Hi there, Deptford Dame, it was fun, yes. Though I was a bit overwhelmed by personal stuff at the time, so I held back from doing a review/appreciation. Sue's gone to see it tonight - maybe she'll give more feedback.

  3. It was not fun. It was not on the beach.

    I can't write a review without offending someone I know.

    Meanwhile, well done all the local cast (especialy those Crossfielders who took part) and thanks to all for working so hard (voluntarily) to bring this to realisation.

  4. I think they had to be flexible with the Deptford Strand scenes - the first day they used the beach more extensively but when the Thames Clippers went by they created such a wash that the cast ended up ankle deep. I saw the second day's performance and they'd done a quick rewrite, only doing one of the scenes down on the shingle at the bottom of the Ahoy Centre's slipway and moving some of the scenes up to outside the Centre itself.

    It sounds as though you got rewrite version 3.0, Sue...

  5. oh for goodness sake, is the beach shorter at high summer? I've been out on that beach when you've got 100 feet at least. Know your 22nd June and start about 2 hours earlier. Not one of them has spent any time with the Thames.

  6. Sorry, I'm sure it's quite possible but not if you want to tie it to a date like the Windrush anniversary.

    Event planning to tides is quite tricky.

    Trying to make the tides fit a theatre timetable is ridiculous...

    I thought these guys had pulled it off...that was what attracted me to the event.

  7. They needed to get props down onto the beach and hellth and safety considerations would make them think long and hard about leading audiences down onto wet shingle. I too think they'd timed it a little late for the tides but at least the ''stage'' had already been set and it had already dried out underfoot.

    And getting a voluntary cast, from different places with different occupations, to synchronise with the tide and audience, is by no means an easy exercise.

  8. Ding a ling, Marmoset...
    Makes me wish I was there on first night and saw the dangers. By last night, the dangers were completely wonder the team/cast were a little ropey/nervous having changed locations.
    The best thing was the Lewisham College boys and girls who had probably not had to face so many challenges by ending the show at the Ahoy clubroom.
    Still, it's a shame they couldn't get it right with the tides. But I supppose that was the least of their problems...