Friday, June 4, 2010

Bulk Household Waste Removal (2)

This new service is a bargain. They didn't tell us about it, but it could work. Where my mum lives it costs £30 to take away 3 items. Here it costs 26p to get rid of anything.

However, this brill new service is still cutting its teeth and isn't working. It's another of those "We pay Lewisham Homes, they pay the Council, and because it's the Council (who are their blood brothers), they are not checking on whether they've done it or not"...

So it doesn't matter that the caretakers have reported it over two weeks. It's a Council Service (and therefore not a Lewisham Homes problem). Shown here over 3 weeks and still not collected 3/6/10 starting with latest, which residents have added to:

Stuff we (sadly) took photos of...this last picture looking like the fridge wanted to take care of all who had fallen beneath it. Poor guy, he's been here since 25th May at least (see his portrait here) though neighbours would say it was longer.

The Council Service who do this collection swing by into the estate round Wilshaw then check out Castell etc, check by the collective dump in front of Browne, then swing by Holden and completely miss 1-20 Holden on their merry way to Farrer. So this deposit has been sitting here three weeks, and is now being added to.

Apparently, they're supposed to do this "swinging by" on Monday, Wednesday, Friday AND Sunday....maybe this Friday (that would've been three weeks now)....


  1. Well, the big blue table has been commandeered and residents have tidied up the cartons which were sprawled all over the pavement. The council, on the other hand, has done nothing at all. 2pm, Friday 4th.

  2. I've just reported the waste via the ''Love Lewisham'' site.

  3. Hmm...All gone by 5pm...

  4. Yes, it was there at 2pm and gone by 3pm. And then the caretakers had swept up the mess left behind by 5pm.