Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Nothing to do with Crossfields but it's still strangely compelling viewing... The BBC's Springwatch programme has several webcams watching a selection of chicks being fed here. These swallow chicks are not far off fledging. Of course, I've no idea when they'll leave the nest, but I'm guessing that they're more likely to first fly in the morning. So if you're one of those people who fire up the computer before you've had your morning coffee, you might get lucky...

EDIT: Lunchtime, 10 June.  No, they're still in the nest.  Maybe they're going to wait for a fine sunny morning....


  1. Altogether now...Aahhh! Shame you can't make a BBC webcam into a screensaver!

  2. You can leave it running in the background though...and you can then quickly Alt-Tab it to the front when you hear wing flapping or squawky feed-me noises.