Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crossfields TRA Meeting: Thursday 24 June 7.30pm

On the agenda this Thursday at the Tenants and Residents Association meeting:

Lewisham Cycle Path and our allotments
Growing things, loss of an allotment and using Creekside Centre (see blog post here)

Deptford D Decker
The man behind the proposal to turn an old bus into a pizza restaurant next to the Bird's Nest will be coming to present his idea after 8pm...(see blog post here)

Deptford X Crossfields Residency
Suggestions and ideas needed for how an artist might engage with residents (both children and adults) on the estate during the summer to produce a 'work of art' (be it film, sculpture, soundscape, painting etc) for Deptford X 2010 (24 September–3 October...(more info here)

Crossfields Festival 2010
Suggestions and ideas and commitments to help for our annual er..'community day' on Sunday 5th September.

Audit Commission
Any comments, criticism or praise you'd like to pass on to the Audit Commission about Lewisham Homes? (see here)

Tenant Transfers
We'll be asking the attending Lewisham Homes officer: How the hell do you get out of here?

Meetings usually close at 9pm and baby-sitting costs are available.
The Pink Palace, 50 Frankham House.

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  1. Well I hope that the TRA will be fully supportive of any efforts to save the garden that I look after! I look forward to seeing what ideas we can come up with to take to the Architects at the next meeting. It would be great to have imaginative ways forward that can preserve this much loved and valuable community resource AND benefit the Estate.