Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Deptford X Artist in Residence

Local and beyond artists are currently making applications for Deptford X (happening in September). One of the opportunities they may apply for is the Artist in Residence programme, which is open to any artist living or working in Greater London. The Deptford X panel will select four applicants who will receive £2,500 to complete their project, two of which should be living or working in Deptford. One of the groups/ organisations applicants are required to work with is Crossfields/Crossfields TRA.

Deadline for applications is 28th June, and the selected artist would begin working with Crossfields residents on 13 July, and run workshops between 20 July and 10 September to produce a work of art (or installation/film/video/performance etc) to be displayed somewhere on or about the estate...

If I could give you more information regarding the Crossfields residency I would... perhaps the TRA Chair will be able to provide more details at the next TRA meeting, but we will obviously have more info when an artist has been chosen and we hear what they would like to do with us flat dwellers.

Meanwhile, artists who haven't already checked this out should go to:

The other groups/locations where residencies will happen are Deptford Market (working with the street traders) and The Albany...

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  1. Ha,ha, maybe we could all get together and make a new path that starts on Deptford Church Street that is in fact a maze that no one can get out of let alone reach the Ha'Penny Hatch!