Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sunshine? The London Marathon can't be far away!

This year's Virgin London Marathon is on Sunday 25 April, so here's an early warning: Creek Road will be shut from 7am and will not open again to traffic until 2pm.

If you fancy dragging yourself away from your Sunday morning quilt immersion session and giving them a cheer as they pass, here's a tip: remember to leave your windows open overnight for the helicopter alarm clock. And if, like me you've never known who's likely to be passing at what time, here are the estimated passing times for the runners at the 7 mile point on Creek Road

Elite women: 9:31am
Wheelchair athletes: 9:45am
Elite men: 10:13am
Runners anticipating a 3:30 hour race time: 10:41
Runners anticipating a 4:30 hour race time: 10:57
Runners anticipating a 5 hour race time: 11:05
Runners anticipating a 6 hour race time: 11:21
Runners anticipating a 7 hour race time: 11:37

Passing times for other places along the route are to be found here


  1. I remember I used to go down to Joe Sarovitz's house by the Cutty Sark like it was Beaujolais Day and everyone'd be drinking wine at breakfast and Joe's trad jazz band would play on the balcony whilst the runners went past. Now I just manage to get down to the bottom of the road when the last of the charity walkers are going past...Thanks for reminding me to be away that weekend...

  2. Ignore Mushroom, he can't stand the helicopter alarm. I remember not so long ago getting up early and going down to bottom of road to look out for a friend going past and I saw her! Then I went into town to meet an old mate at Tate Modern who was coming up from Canterbury, but he didn't make it cos the trains were screwed, so I went across the Millenium bridge and waited for the marathon runners to come through and I saw my friend again! She wasn't exactly running by then, but she made it to the finish line.