Friday, April 2, 2010

Life on the stairs

A Castell resident has sent me this pic of the targeted distribution of the April issue of Life magazine she took yesterday morning on her way to work...

On 5th March I took the trouble to write to Lewisham Life since I'd seen a bloke going around the estate with a big bag full of Life magazines in the morning, but when I got home from work there was no March issue on the doormat. Not that I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival, but I'm on the top floor so the bloke was obviously too lazy to come up. It seemed rather a waste of money. They replied that they'd report it to their distributors. Looks like no one took any notice.


  1. Being in a penthouse suite in Greenwich SE8...oh, hang on, a top floor flat on Crossfields, I haven't seen one in months. I thought it had been discontinued until I heard from a ground floor resident that they'd seen a ground floor only delivery. I've never even seen a pile on the stairs.

  2. Yeah, we had the same problem with Lewisham Homes' magazine. Leaseholders were paying for it but it never got delivered. After it was pointed out to them last year when we were getting uppity about service charges, they put a white box on the wall of Castell to dispense the magazine. That remained unfilled until last month.
    It reminds me of why I don't buy the Mercury – which is delivered free to everyone in the borough except us...

  3. Nope never got it either can't say I missed it.

  4. well i usually get at least 2 of these magazines , but i'm not a leaseholder , and they usually go straight in the recycling .. personally i'm sick of the lewisham homes PR machine , which they must have blown the budget on , as they don't seem to have any money for anything else ...