Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brockley Central interviews local candidates

This week, local blog Brockley Central will be putting a set of questions to our local parliamentary and mayoral candidates.

Some questions are very Brockleycentric, and local favourites John Hamilton (PeopleBe4Profit mayoral candidate) and Ian Page (Socialist Alternative MP candidate) have been left off the interview list* – as well as Malcolm Martin (Christian Peoples' Alliance) and Graham Dare (English Democrats mayoral candidate). But you may find the interviews helpful if you are still making up your mind.

The list is being added to as the week goes on. `

Candidates for MP Deptford Lewisham Lewisham Deptford:

Tam Langley (Lib-Dem)
Darren Johnson (Green Party)
Joan Ruddock (Lab)

Gemma Townsend (Conservative)

Candidates for Mayor:

Dean Walton (Green Party)
Sir Steve Bullock (Lab)
Simon Nundy (Conservative)

Chris Maines (Lib-Dem)

*apparently, they have not responded to the questionnaire.


  1. Why don't you put the same questions (or a bit more local questions) to Hamilton and Page to redress the balance? It's undemocratic of the Brockley blog not to ask the others. Or you could ask all of them with local Deptford questions, like stopping the betting shops, Lewisham Homes and all that?

  2. Thanks very much for the links. I hope that even the Brockley-centric stuff helps to reveal their wider approach to dealing with issues. After all, Brockley is not alone in having struggling high streets.

  3. Thank YOU Nick for the interviews...and for all the coverage Brockley Central are doing. Your comments sections are also helpful in the absence of any debate down here in the valley!