Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Journey to the end of our road...

While I was down at the north end of Creekside this afternoon, I thought I might take a look at how ''Greenwich Creekside'' was doing.  As the photo shows, the cladding is going up on the blocks nearest Creek Road bridge, yet the Creekside part of ''Greenwich Creekside'' seems to have ground to a complete halt.  The first floor has been used for site offices but apart from the crane standing overhead, there's no sign of any work at all being done.

It seems to confirm the rumour that nobody wanted to buy at the inflated private property prices and that they'd scaled back on the project.  It's no way to leave it, though.  So, any guesses what they might be doing?  (Informed opinion would be a bonus, of course!)


  1. That place has been scaled back since it started. You should've seen the plans for Creekside drawn up as part of that project by Squire & Partners that had Faircharm Trading Estate as three triangular glass shards. You should worry about what's now being proposed for Faircharm. But you'll have to dig deep to find it, Marmoset.

  2. That unbuilt bit is probably the keyworker's flats.

  3. Sue, I thought the Squire & Partners project was a purely notional design exercise for a bunch of architecture students, and as such was a purely virtual thing. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    One of the things that bothers me about the ''Village'' is that you see the publicity about what they're going to do but, when the economic wind changes direction, you don't hear what they're not going to do.

  4. yeah , i also thought the unbuilt bit was social housing , that they'd had to build as part of getting the green light for their construction .

    but i could be wrong , as for faircharm i wish they'd flatten it and turn it into a park ,
    but hey thats obviously never going to happen ..