Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tidemill meeting...tomorrow!

Sorry about the late notice - there was a problem with....er....consultation!

Tidemill Consultation Pit - now buried below the new building
But Saying No have booked the Creekside Centre for a short-notice meeting at 7pm tomorrow, 27 October.  It's a bit of a rush because the consultation period will end in two weeks' time so please let anyone who might be concerned about it know.


  1. soory to be a bore but did anyone ever find out what the pits were?

  2. No Santo, I believe that an archaeologist did come and look at it and the workers, Galliford Try I think they're called, took good care to stop any damage being done before they were inspected. But I never followed up which archaeologists had been called in - really I should have gone onto the site office and asked them directly but...other things...you know how it is.

  3. Sorry, am confused...what pits? I thought maybe you were illustrating a shallow consultation process but it appears there's a nother story?

  4. Sorry for the confusion - I put the picture in to lighten up what has become quite a vexing subject for me. I didn't mean to divert attention away from the meeting.

    But there's a little more information on the 3 small circular brickwork remains that were dug up last December while Galliford Try were preparing the foundations here: