Mural Painting circa 1986 and other estate photos

Deptford Christmas Fair (Saturday 11 December 2010) continued...

information stalls on local walking and cycling initiatives and 
the on-going regeneration of Deptford town centre (Douglas Way)
The 'smoothie bike' (Douglas Way) - peddle power mixes the fruit drink

The free rickshaw rides between New Cross and Deptford market were very popular 
Mobile wheelie bins Sid and Nancy hold up the traffic in Watsons Street
This Christmas tree was also mobile and moved up and down the road
The Giffin Square Christmas tree lights were switched on by 'The Three Pigs' (a puppet show currently at the Albany) and Madcap Coalition's clown Dr Bernhart Gloss

 The Ferris Wheel in McMillan Park


Here's a trio of photos from John Rhodes:
Lifting bridge over the Creek

 Laban Centre Lights

 Building Greenwich Creekside

Bikepest goes Crossfields signing....see this post

Fresh in from Michele PJ:  Holden stairs

Marmoset posts: Consolations of insomnia.  Looking west from Crossfields, the Greenwich Novotel turns to gold in the morning sun.
Sue posts: Transfers or tattoos?

Sue posts: Spotted on Good Friday from Panda Panda cafe, new items for sale at Deptford's numero uno antiques shop, Abstracticus, and going fast at 30 quid a pop. This lady took away a white baby mannekin. Very odd.

Sue posts: Crossfields Festival 2010

The day began at 9am. Hugh, Jake and Cushtie brought in the stage.
Ron brought the sound equipment. 
Andy, Luke and Ray (the sound engineer) begin erecting the stage canopy.

Raphael decided the tent should be turned around.
Hazel sets out her wonderful cakes, 
Julie and her team prepare the jerk chicken barbeque.
Frankie's burgers are already sizzling.
The facepainters set to work.
Carmen and her mates lay out their jumble.
Sophie and Leila take a break before opening the 'Naughty Tent'...
Alison, our First Aider, helps Leila and Sophie
with preparations for their art workshops.
The stage is almost ready.
The audience arrive...
First up, from New Cross, THE EXPLORER'S COLLECTIVE
 (normally a four-piece band, but the singer got married the day before)
Next up, from Wilshaw House, THE NEARLY PERFECT 
At 4pm, from Greenwich, here are the wonderful BRUISE...
Meanwhile, Michele and Mich are doing a roaring trade with their raffle.
They are also collecting peoples' ideas for using the Creekside Centre...
Next up, the one-woman blues army that is JOY R...
This is the 'Naughty Tent'...folk were tempted in to confess in return for a piece of cake...
and were invited to write bold statements on helium filled balloons...
Although the music was running late, Antonio
(and Mark, not pictured) insist on a tug'o'war...
Next up, all the way from Cremer House, the bluesy sound of LEFT HAND LOOP...
Final band of the day, from New Cross, the outrageous MOON...
As people begin to drift off, one resident appears in a dream...
and the clearing up begins...
Thanks to Nicholas Alexander for great photos (the better ones).
More of Nicholas's photos here...
And thanks to Colin Bodiam for the other great photos...
The not very good ones were taken by Sue.

Marmoset posts: Guerilla art activity during Deptford X by Rachel Hale from Creekside Artists. See related story  posted in March 2010.

Marmoset posts:
While there's more than a touch of warmth in the air (wow, 10 degrees!), I've been out gathering signs of spring.  Yes, there's definitely some change in the air.

And, while there's a bit of warmth around, cyclists prepare to get their bikes back into just about road-worthiness.  This squirrel behind Holden House might have a bit of a job on his hands, though...

Sue posts: "February made me shiver, with every paper I'd deliver..."


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  2. Transfers or Tattoos? I'm seriously not going there. I really, really don't want to know. Though I am curious about whether it's a handbag or a baby-carrier....

  3. Great to see that Crossfields Estate is still thriving. I lived in Speedwell House (0ff Comet Street) which was demolished in late 1970s or maybe 1980. Looking at the blog brought back memories (not very clear due to amount of booze consumed I think!!) of nights at the Duke, Oxford Arms and Albany.

  4. Glad to see you are still doing the summer music deal. Remember those in the late 1970s.