Monday, October 25, 2010

Tenants & Residents Meeting: Thursday 28th October 7.30pm

The TRA meets this week on Thursday at 7.30pm at the Pink Palace. All welcome.


  1. shame you never put any posters up around the estate , i just noticed this after the fact ..

  2. Apologies that you were not notified adequately, Anon. We would have also liked to have posted an agenda, but there wasn't one, but the meeting ended up focusing on the imminent decision to be taken by Tidemill School to become an Academy.

    Maybe you will come to the next meeting (it's ALWAYS the last Thursday in the month at 7.30pm except August and December – see the TRA page on this site, it couldn't be clearer). Then you might volunteer to put up posters round the estate yourself...perhaps even volunteer to stand as secretary, chair, treasurer, block rep, area panel rep, etc, ALL voluntary positions.

    All are thankless tasks that no one wants to or has time to do. The next meeting will be the AGM so if you want to contribute, get yourself elected on 25th November. Refresh your TRA with your contribution!

    Unfortunately, if you are tenant of a leaseholder rather than a council tenant, you won't be eligible to hold a TRA post under current Lewisham Homes rules. This is rather annoying as around 25% of the estate are now tenants renting off the 50% leaseholders.

    If you want to get involved, you should know that printing and putting up posters will take up more than three hours of your time per month (physically it takes about an hour, but I'm adding the thinking that goes with it) – and despite your efforts, the hard fact is that it will make absolutely no difference to attendance.

    Publicising meetings does not bring on a flood of eager participants, just as publicising this website does not bring on a flood of users who bother to check in regularly for news, or explore the relevant tabs.

    If you've got something you'd like brought up at meetings or on this website (which is not an official mouthpiece of the TRA, but will happily feed in) please email either or

  3. I just had to check this before I said it but the TRA meetings are listed in the calendar. And that's about all there is in the calendar at the moment because no one ever looks in there....