Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fungus Foray

Here's one that might interest our..ahem... spore-adic contributor, Mushroom Diet. There will be a walk in search of this autumn's offering of fungi in Greenwich Park on Wednesday 27 October at 11am, courtesy of Friends of Greenwich Park.    It's free - simply turn up at the Blackheath Gates and meet volunteers Anne Andrews and Mike o'Logy who will guide you on a Fungus Foray through the park to see what varieties there are to be seen.  After a spot of birdwatching this morning in the park, I can testify to there being lots of fungi to be seen at this time of the year.  Their website suggests that there are a number of books to help with identification and learning about these curious things at the Secret Garden Wildlife Centre.

Which, coincidentally is also usually open on the last Wednesday of the month from 11am to 3pm.  As the name implies, the Secret Garden Wildlife Centre is not very easy to spot unless you're looking for it, as you can't get to its concealed entrance by a  path.  There's little-known observation hide in there in there, with a nature trail. To help you find it, it's south east of the lake in the Flower Gardens.  Its whereabouts are shown by the red point in the map below. (Incidentally, take care, because if you ever get the idea that the lake looks curiously like a discarded condom on the OS map, it may take a while to get this idea out of your mind...).

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  1. Sounds great. A pity it's on a work day...