Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Deptford Carnival Community Festival - Saturday 30th October 6pm

Local community group Madcap Coalition have been busy making ghoulish masks and costumes for their carnival procession this Saturday. The procession will start at The Albany at 6pm and march to the Laban on Creekside. They promise music, games, fire, food and more.

They're also calling it The Madcap March of Mayhem and Mischief – "an inter-cultural, end-of-summer extravaganza, bringing together the work of local schools, artists, volunteers, dancers, musicians, makers and shakers, in a frenzy of glitter, sparkles and a smidgen of approaching darkness..."

They are still enlisting volunteers to help with the procession and finish making the costumes. They'll need stewards for the day, help with setting up tents and stages and transport, and people to help run Apple Bobbing and other seasonal games.

This Wednesday 27th October there is a meeting at their warehouse on Pepys Estate for any musicians who'd like to join in with their 'rough music band' which will be led by horns and drums with a ragtag of processors joining in with percussion instruments, pots, pans and kitchen utensils.

On Thursday & Friday 28th & 29th they're setting up camp at The Albany and will be running workshops from 2-5pm in arts and crafts, dance, games and carnival paraphernalia.

If you'd like to get involved call 07866 279048 or e-mail info@madcapcoalition.com.
Or visit www.madcapcoalition.org.uk and download their latest newsletter. 


  1. Where will the carnival start please?

  2. The Albany...at 6pm. I think I said that in the first paragraph! Sorry not to have made it clearer! I haven't seen the route, but I assume it will be down Giffin Street...then hold up the traffic at Deptford Church Street. Or it could go down the High Street and via St Paul's gardens, Church Street and Creek Road...?