Saturday, October 2, 2010

Deptford X reminder

Barbeque chicken at 3pm today...Is that lunch sorted?

Also Open Studios today at the Old Police Station (12-6pm on Amersham Vale), Lewisham Art House (12-6pm on Lewisham Way) and Childers Street Studios (11-6pm back of beyond, the clue is in the title, New Cross, worth a visit if you like Open Studios). Plus Gallery shows at APT, APT Plots (next to APT), Bearspace (High Street), Core Gallery (Creekside), St Paul's House (High Street), Gimcrack (Broadway), Utrophia (Tanner's Hill), Arch Gallery (across the road in Resolution Way), ...and loads more...LAST CHANCE TO SEE all of it....

The theme of the festival was about coming upon things unexpectedly, so the above guide is equally vague, as is the general publicity ( regarding times...Art tourists are advised to start at Arch Gallery and pick up a DX Rickshaw to get them to their destination...the Deptford Art Map has further misinformation. 

The website money appears to have been spent on making some great offers: WIN £50 if you GET INVOLVED and not on any design of the website that might make it easier to get around.

Performance artist Mark McGowan has already courted controversy with his performance at APT last Saturday (see Raoul Moat stage show sparks fury). Brockley Central have already debated this, amusingly. The Deptford X team have no idea who gave the story to The Sun and Sky News that kept their phones ringing all day last Monday. 

Perhaps they should be worried about the rather beautiful and equally shocking show at St Paul's House by Wayne Lucas and Julia Bardsley. Transpontine has already posted about this...See for yourself...Find them right next door to the Deptford Project's train cafe...See it before you eat...or go and see when your stomach is settled....Wayne and Julia may be there to gauge your shock and disgust...(people have been walking in and walking right out)...

There is so much to see it does yer head in. Open Studios today require a bit of a walk (or rickshaw ride from Arch Gallery), but meanwhile on Creekside there is still stuff to see...

The installation in the Creek on Ha'Penny Hatch is unfortunately somewhat depleted since some thieves came and took 20% of it yesterday....It appears they only took the expensive stuff. None of it is insured since the main risk was considered to be the river. Oddly the river hasn't damaged the installation (after apparently 27 or 28 tides), so the artist is a bit miffed that the thieves didn't wait till Monday when the festival is finished. 

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