Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wall Demolished

Not sure what exactely happened but by the look of it a vehicle crashed into the wall on Church Street at the south end of the estate. Knocking a huge hole in the wall and filling one of the estate gardens with rubble. Lets hope no one was hurt...


  1. Flippin'eck, that looks serious!

  2. I've heard that it was a car (though it looks like a bus) and that no one was hurt. I was out most of the afternoon but I heard sirens around 8pm - when did you take the picture, John?

  3. Probably not long after it happened then. I know it looks like a Huge hole . I thought it must be a bus or truck. Amazing they missed the lamp post.
    Glad no one hurt.. bet they were shook up though.

    Dont feel so bad about maybe recycling some of the bricks for my garden in that case. I guess they'll just get binned when they get round to rebuilding it LOL

  4. Yes, amazing they missed the lamp post. Really hard to imagine no one hurt. Perhaps one driver breaking suddenly and skidding – but up over the kerb? He'll maybe have some serious whiplash. Perhaps someone in the bus lane who shouldn't've been? In which case...

    Ironic that a hole is made in the wall when the council and the Mayor of London are threatening to put a brick through your wall, further up, as it were.

    Yeah, recycle the bricks, make a kiln! They'll probably get nicked by some chancers anyway. I wonder who'll have to pay for the wall? The way things work with Lewisham Homes, that would be a nice bill for Cremer House. I'm still waiting for a reply to my query on what happened with the rebuilding of a wall next to Sue Godfrey's garden that Farrer, Finch and Congers Houses paid for that never got done (the broken bricks were eventually chucked behind the bike sheds)...

    This, however, is a bit more visible. Bet the Council don't know who the wall belongs to and are having a lazy argument with the roads people.

    If it doesn't get rebuilt in a hurry, it'll be quite significant in terms of a breach to the estate we care? We're not a gated community...

  5. Yeah we could put a good two lane bypass thru there LOL Take out ALL the gardens!

  6. Yeah and paint it all blue. Sorry, Marmoset.

  7. I was referring to Major Artery Cycle Lanes, btw...

    ...which should be put in the centre of roads or on pavements, not in bus lanes.

  8. Oh my god!!! We can install a left turn that goes right on the wrong side of the road through the reverse gyratory one way pedestrian area reserved for cyclists! How long will THAT take to get to the CoOp ??