Thursday, July 1, 2010

Greenwich Summer Sessions

With July only a few hours old, it's a good time to have a quick look at what's going on this month.  One of the events brought to Crosswhatfields' attention is the Greenwich Summer Sessions   which will be taking place outdoors in the Old Royal Naval College's grounds from 21 - 25 July.  Themed around ''Greenwich's unique history and heritage'' it's been subtitled ''Rebels, Royals, Rivers and Runners.''  (Cynics, however, may think that it's been loosely and lazily themed around the letter R.)  There will be 4 concerts, 3 in the early evening (doors open 6pm, on stage 7:30pm,and a Sunday afternoon performance (doors open 2pm, on stage 3pm): The Levellers on the 21st, The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra on the 22nd, Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra on the 23rd, and Athlete will be heading the line up for the 25th.  (Note: there will be no performance on the Saturday, 24th).

See the link above for details about pricing (there's a pretty complicated range of prices from over £200 for VIP packages down to half a week's dole money (!)* for the Levellers, with varying reductions for Greenwich residents) and for booking details.

*Acksherly, at £25 that's a slight exaggeration....evidently, the revolution will be priced at market rates.


  1. Don't get me started!
    The Levellers for £27.50!!!!!!?
    (if you don't live in Greenwich)
    The Levellers for £22 if you do...
    Joolz Holland £32.50 (but OK there's a whole orchestra to pay) but
    THE LEVELLERS for £27.50?!!!
    ATHLETE £25?
    It's a great venue, but the Beer Festival gigs were £20 and you could be there all day...
    THE LEVELLERS @ £25 plus £2.50 booking fee?
    Not that they're not worth it, but a band that stood for all Greenwich Council stands for, should be subsidised so that their fans, who don't have that sort of money have a chance to see them...
    Not one mention of concessions on the leaflet...
    Maybe there's a secret deal for hard-core Leveller's fans, I hope so...Absolutely ridiculous otherwise...and Athlete too...
    or are Athlete and Levellers playing with orchestras?

  2. All bands are level, only some are more Levellers...

  3. Actually, Levellers for £25...if you don't book online.
    Still too much.
    But then it's a Labour borough next to a Labour borough, so all the posh and anyone who works for the council who's old enough to remember..all waged and pensioned.
    It's disgusting.