Friday, July 9, 2010

Dire Straits documentary - photos, and ear-witness accounts from White Swan Hotel needed

This just arrived  in the crosswhatfields inbox:

Im producing   a documentary on  Mark Knopfler for BBC4  TV.
Im keen to view any photos taken of Farrer  House and the Deptford locality in 1977/8/9 --IF  included and IF copyright cleared an appropriate fee would be paid.
also   did  you see or were you a member of the SULTANS OF SWING jazz band who regularly gigged at the White SwanPub BlackHeath road? 
please contact me on 077 88 515 497  i'll return your call straught away-
chris phipps 
If you have any contemporary photos of the Farrer or used to go up to the White Swan Hotel on Blackheath Road, give Chris Phipps a call.  (I only remember Rex playing at the Oxford Arms and the Fabulous Sprinklers playing at the White Swan so I'm not much use...)

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