Friday, July 16, 2010

FREE local outdoor events this Saturday

Saturday 17th July, 11am – 3pm
Friendly Gardens (off Friendly Street, SE8 4QH (Deptford in other words)
A chance for local people to come and try some free food from the different cultures and nations represented in Brockley, with entertainment from local dance and music groups, information stalls, bouncy castle and Playbus. Organised by Brockley Local Assembly (Lewisham Council).

Saturday 17th July, 1pm-6pm
Twinkle Park, Borthwick Street, SE8 
You'll have already seen the posters on the bin chamber doors for this event organised by Twinkle Park Trust and Greenwich Council's Parkfest 2010. Pond dip to live music, bring a picnic and rug and play Petanque*...Jazz, Steel Band, African Drums all down near the river via Watergate Street.
*Boules to you and me...

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  1. Or, overhearing a conversation in the Dog and Bell this evening, ''They've got know, French ballz...(makes boules playing gesture)....'' Vive la cultimulcheralisme....