Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Day out at the Urban Orchard

As part of the walkabout regarding the Greening of the Estate we were invited to see the latest project by Architects WWM:

The Union Street Urban Orchard

This is an urban orchard and community garden and home to the LivingARK, a zero-carbon pod which is inhabited during the period of the project to showcase sustainable ways of living. The site also hosts The Nest, a pavilion created by the Finnish Institute, the Identikit by Thomas Kendal and Tamsin Hanke and a skip turned table tennis table created by Oliver Bishop-Young.

I'll be going along at some point so if anyone else wants to come? If we can get a few people together WMM said they would be very happy to show us round and discus any ideas that it brings up for the project to "Green Crossfields".

It is running until the 19th September.

Just let me know if you are interested by mailing me through here

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