Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Watergate Stairs on The Bill

The location folk at the Bill, ITV1, seem to get lured into our part of the world from time to time. October before last they filmed on the estate, nicking a chappie outside Browne House.

And they also seem to be attracted to that part of the river down by the west side of the O2.  I should say this in the past tense because since its relaunch the programme has been axed - the current series is the last one.  This disappearance will be felt by a number of actors on Crossfields who have played parts in the show over the years.

Last week (25 March) they wandered down to the Watergate Stairs and the now three-quarter gutted Borthwick and Payne river frontage - having just about pulled the lot down, they now seem to have put the project on hold. The boarded-in passageway at the end Watergate Street down to the stairs is actually quite spooky these days.  Here are a handful of screengrabs from the episode. 

   Finally, in a universe parallel to Church Street, this is what policing might be like...

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  1. Probably the only time you'll see a copper about is when they're filming the Bill.