Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Tesco in Deptford

In February, the Deptford Dame posted the news that it looked likely that the Theatro development presently going up on Creek Road between Creekside and Deptford Church Street would be housing a new Tesco. As a result, one of her readers visited the show flat and was told there would also be a Starbucks! Bad news for the Nisa and CostCutter that are presently doing a roaring trade feeding the student village. Is it bad news for us?


  1. Tescos: dontcha know they feel lonely unless there are a few within walking distance from each other? Rather like the betting shops in the high street, methinks.

  2. As Maria says it should be no surprise that the Tesconglomorate are trying to colonise SE8 after all these years - they do have a tendancy to grow like bacteria. Especially if you take a look at this link to the Theatro development:

    Which is just about enough to make me heave.... First off I'm cringing at the corruption of the word 'teatro' just so they can describe their development as being set on "the site of the historic school of performing arts".... errrrr... is it just me or does anyone else think this is stretching reality a bit?! (The Rose Bruford College occupied the old primary school site for a few years in the late 80's early 90's - hardly what I would describe as 'historic') With flats starting at £280k for a shoebox going right up to just over half a million for a penthouse with terrific views of the McMillian student building and a 1990's housing estate... I expect Tescos are hoping the residents above will go crazy for their 'Finest' range in a vain attempt to forget they aren't really in Greenwich after all! Still it's nice to see that none of the flats have sold as yet. That'll teach em! In answer to Sue's question I personally think developments such as this can be very detrimental to areas that really need good quality low cost housing and more community spaces. What happens with these high priced executive developments is that they exclude the local community to such an extent that they might as well be gated. Not to mention that they can also become an economic white elephant - if they remain unsold (as I suspect they might well do for some time) what good does that do the area or indeed the community? Mind you if they open a Starbucks it'll all be worth it ;O~)

  3. Well said, Guru, and welcome to the blog!

    One of the Rose Bruford College's greatest contribution to the area - in the short period of time it was there - was its commitment to community theatre. Using the name ''Teatro'' strikes me as privatising what was brought to the community - or at least to the drinkers down the Duke. So the notion of community and theatre are transformed into ''concierge lifestyle service, secure parking as a purchased option, CCTV cameras...''

    Incidentally, on the point about not selling any of the flats, I gather that the ''Creekside Village, Greenwich'' development has scaled back their plans. The housing association/''affordable housing'' blocks are all that are going to go up in the near future.

    Frankly, I don't know what it does to the area having half-sold properties down on Creek Road. To be fair, it hasn't been a residential area, at least in my 40 years in the area it hasn't. They might just have to cut their losses and sell at market prices (rather than dream prices....)

    Oh well, at least the developers haven't pretended it's in Greenwich. We'll leave that to the estate agents, shall we?

  4. Funny you should mention that Marmoset (and thanks for your welcome!).... After posting I looked a bit further into the Theatro website and found myself watching their promo video. Despite the video link to Youtube being listed as 'Theatro, Deptford SE8' about 6 seconds in comes 'Creek Road, Greenwich SE8'. Oh I did laugh! Keep watching and you'll see some amazing interpretations of the surrounding area....! Still, I guess they've got to make it look nice and green to get people interested!

  5. Yes, I just looked at their video and Greenwich has gone walkabouts again. I've just done a screengrab and it's going onto the ''Deptford or Greenwich'' post.

    And I got it completely wrong. Foxtons, who are the estate agent told the truth, and the developers migrated the truth - the video is credited to