Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fish and chips - if only

I heard a rumour that Top Girl is presently being refitted to become a fish and chip shop. How exciting, I thought, we could do with one of those a bit nearer than the Perfecto down the bottom of the high street (or Vesuvio's opposite but I'm not sure that counts) and the chippie on Greenwich High Road, but then I asked the turbaned gentleman who was coming out of the shop on Friday and he said no, it was to be a "coffee cafe, you know, tables and chairs at the front, internet at the back, and mobile phone card counter at the side"...
My dreams of a nice bit of crispy battered white fish were shattered...


  1. We didn't really need a fish n chip shop but this is quite a prominent position for yet another internet cafe selling phone cards...perhaps the owners feel it will be a 'hub' (a much hackneyed word) and very lucrative therefore. It'll depend on how good their coffee is i suppose. they ought to have a better USP than internet and phone cards and being central tho', like good pastries or something. no doubt they'll just settle for average and cash in on location.

    We seem to be stuck between run down, dirty, uncared for, unregulated and unmaintained and a pretend new future that begins fantastically clean and untouched, only to quickly become run down, unmonitored and unmaintained...

  2. Sigh. I'll try and withold judgement until I've tasted the coffee, but frankly, how many mobile phone card "retailers" does one high street need?! And how can such flimsy businesses afford the rent and rates anyway? Please let it be nice and tastefully decorated, and not another tacky, tatty, pointless addition to the street.

    Anyone know what's going in next to the dry cleaners?

  3. Probably another Tescos!
    What's happening on the other side with the Job Centre? Isn't there a campaign to stop them closing it and turning it into flats?

  4. The Deptford Dame has favourably reviewed the relatively new Panda Panda on the Broadway, if you need your faith renewing...