Friday, March 19, 2010

Frankham Street Mural

Following on at a tangent from the previous post, I thought it pertinent to comment on a recent addition to the High Street, which 'commemorates' the marine heritage of the area. This mural went up in June 2009 as part of a new parking zone in Frankham Street. Titled Royal George at Deptford it is taken from a painting by John Cleverley the Elder, an English marine artist who worked throughout his life in Deptford. Dated 1757 and showing the launch of HMS Cambridge, you can see the original in the National Maritime Museum. More info about the Royal Dockyards can be found at the National Maritime Museum website.

To echo Guru Red's comment on New Developments: Creekside Village ("Are these people on drugs or what?"), I present here the mural proposal (pic from Lewisham Council website), followed by pix I took today of the reality. As it goes about its daily business, far from the planner's dream, Deptford High Street cannot be tamed!


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  2. And I'll be the first person to comment here about the fact that the Council have very Cleverley reversed the picture. I do believe it's a laruM

  3. Well spotted Marmoset! Very Cleverley of you...
    Probably because it's one giant transfer (and already peeling off in one corner) that should've been mirror imaged. Not Cleverley at all!