Thursday, July 21, 2011

Silent Cinema in the Deptford Project yard

UPDATE: FREE 'COMMUNITY' SCREENING for GREASE on Saturday 30th July. RSVP to get your free tickets here.

Don wireless headphones and watch these classic movies on the Deptford Project's full-size outdoor cinema screen. Seating is on recycled pallets with cushions under a large parachute canopy. We understand there will be popcorn and refreshments.

Doors open at 7pm, film starts 9pm. Tickets are £10. Bookings and more details here.

Coming up:
Americana Weekend
Thursday 28 July: Easy Rider
Friday 29 July: Pretty in Pink
Saturday 30 July: Grease
Weepy Weekend
Thursday 11 August: Terms of Endearment
Friday 12 August: Brokeback Mountain
Saturday 13 August: Beaches
Black & White Classics (start at 8.45pm)
Thursday 18 August: The General with Tom Baker & Laurence Elliot Potter on accordian and piano
Friday 19 August: Nosferatu with live piano performance
Saturday 20 August: Metropolis with 30 minutes extra remastered footage and a brand new score written by Paul Hines and performed by Serum Electronique

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