Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our readers write...

We got this email and picture from San yesterday.

hi x?fields,        Was walking down the High Street yesterday, when suddenly I had to cross the road 'cos the pavement was blocked off... we've already heard that Urtrophia have been gifted the place next door, but what's going on in the old Job Centre, anyone know? Is it:
a) Tescos Expensive (TM)
b) Another much needed betting opportunity
c) A pop-up, bleeding-edge Art Hub & Organic Coffee Regeneration Experience, hosted by Brass Neck in association with Cathedral/Galliard/Galliford Try.


       - best,
There may be an option d).  Readers may have spotted that the first thing that happens when an Olympic site or event is being built is the sudden appearance of hoardings. It may turn out to be the site of the Olympic Urban Parcours events.  In this event, teams compete against each other to gain the upper hand for control of a building.

Alternatively, we suspect it may be the first stage in this development in which they build one café and get one free next door.

See here for an earlier post on the subject.


  1. The old building is pretty awful, and the replacement looks good. A black and white render though?

  2. Planning permission is in for 120-122 Deptford High Street for a restaurant. The agent is Brown and Pletts LLP, architects based at The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, and they're applying for change of use from office (Use Class B1) to restaurant (Use Class A3). Applicant is Suntrust 134 Capita SIPP Services.

    Letters have gone out to neighbours inviting comments and a notice should've been posted in the vicinity or on the hoardings.

  3. The photos on the restaurant planning application reveal that it's for the adjacent property (the one that Utrophia has just moved into).

  4. Well spotted DD. Looks like Utrophia haven't got too long in that space then. The hoardings on the McDonald Egan building may be just there to protect the property perhaps? So eventually we'll have two restaurants next door to each other?

  5. Not necessarily - according to the planning documents, the ground floor property of 124 can also be occupied by retail, which is what the current owner intends to do with it. Hopefully not another Tesco Express :-(

  6. It's in the planning documents. Also the owners of 124 applied earlier this year for the use class to be extended to allow it to be used for retail.

  7. I think the Olympic Urban Parcours events if they existed should definitely happen in Deptford High Street. What a brilliant idea.

  8. I have just been told it's going to be a Poundland, not sure how reliable this info is but sure as hell not very inspiring.