Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Road closure

Crossfields residents who drive – and businesses along Creekside – will have been affected by the road closure in Creekside that began on Monday July 11th.

Obviously now you know about it you can plan your exit and entry differently. But what you don't know is how long this will last. That'll be because Morrisons, working on behalf of Southern Gas, haven't told you.

Creekside Centre, the most directly affected by the closure, were given no warning that their gateway would be blocked. They tracked down someone in charge to find out what was going on, and spoke to (the aptly named) Mister Bater. The next day the following letter dropped through their letter box.

Dated simply "July 2011", it begins "Dear Occupier". That's us, isn't it? But no one on Crossfields has had this letter.

It goes on to explain that "due to leakage on the section of the main that is being replaced the (road) closure will now be implemented from Monday 11th July and is expected to last approximately 3 weeks."

Mr Bater's letter ends, "I would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience that may be caused by our work." Since no one has received this advance apology, perhaps he might also like to apologise belatedly.

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