Thursday, June 2, 2011

VIP Estate Walkabout - Monday 6th June at 4.30pm

All Crossfields residents are invited to an Estate Walkabout next Monday 6th June at 4.30pm.

In attendance will be some Very Important People, including Lewisham Homes' Chief Executive Andrew Potter, Lewisham Homes representatives from Caretaking, Estate Services and Repairs, plus Lewisham Homes board member Cllr Paul Bell.

This is your chance to tell the senior managers any concerns or issues you may have with the services on the estate. Remember, some of these people have never set foot on the estate and need us to tell them what it's like and point out problems they may not see. The last 'Walkabout' (distinct from Estate Inspections) was in 2009 and not much has changed since.

The walkabout will meet at the estate entrance between Browne House and Castell.

If you cannot make it at this time but want to raise an issue, please get in touch with Crosswhatfields or the TRA Secretary, or your block rep (see this page), or leave a comment below.

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