Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Big Red Pizzeria launches

That old routemaster red bus that has been stationed besides the Birds Nest pub for some time now and fondly known as the Deptford Decker has finally come into its own this weekend as The Big Red Pizzeria was launched.

We had some lovely coffee earlier but have yet to taste the pizza. However, we were most impressed with the decor and ambience and look forward to some lovely summer evenings by the river – if this weather ever improves!

The Big Red will be open next weekend 25th & 26th with some more introductory offers, and plans to open fully in the second week of July from Wednesdays to Sundays.

Outside on the decking
Outside under cover
Downstairs inside the bus
Upstairs inside the bus


  1. Looks great! I didn't manage to get there on Sunday after all, bogged down with work and family matters. Looking forward to trying it out in the next few weeks.

  2. I had dinner here on Saturday and the pizza was brilliant. A great new venue with a really different feel to the normal pizza chains. Lets have more of this please!!!

  3. I went along on Saturday night (from south west london!) and it was sooo worth it. The chorizo starter to die for! And there is nothing as delicious as a homemade pizza rustled up by and Italian chef. Top food and great location

  4. I went on Friday night with mates, said I would just have a few slices, ate a whole pizza (and a bit extra). Absolutely delicious, the herbs were freshly picked, the base made from scratch, the vibe was friendly and what I will always have affection for, as Desmond Double Dekker, is a work of art. I so recommend it.

  5. I went tonight and had a great pizza. Lovely staff and great that they are serving meantime beer. We had 2 pizzas, garlic bread, a glass of white and a beer for £22 great valve. Go Go GO, a great addition to Deptford.

  6. Old it may be but it is not a Routemaster

  7. Thanks, TM, you're right. Shall correct immediately!