Friday, June 10, 2011

Creekside Open Part 2 at APT Gallery

This year, over 900 artists entered the biennial Creekside Open. Artists Phyllida Barlow and Dexter Dalwood independently viewed all the entries and selected works by 128 artists for two exhibitions. Dalwood's selection was shown at APT in May (and featured in last week's BBC2 Culture Show), and now Barlow's exhibition has opened.

The second show is a truly bonkers collection of wonderful and witty work that includes lots of paintings and videos and some big, big sculptures. In her curation, Phyllida Barlow has used nearly every surface in the gallery, including the ceilings...and some of the work is quite noisy. You'll know something's up as soon as you get to the gallery doors – two fabric Mini cars are crashing into each other....

The sculpture in the back yard makes sense when you watch the video just inside the back door – it's a fox "training" run...and the budgie in the video below lives a lonely life – don't miss this melancholy film (which was also chosen for the first show in May)...And if you thought video art was boring, you may be pleasantly surprised and mesmerised by two metal sauce boats circling in a sink...

This is a big show with lots of different work – something here is bound to bring a smile to your face. The opening is tomorrow Saturday 11th June from 3-6pm, but it'll be so crowded you won't be able to see the work, so go another time when it's quieter.

Creekside Open 2011
Selected by Phyllida Barlow
Thursday – Sunday, 12-5pm, till 26th June
APT Gallery, 6 Creekside

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  1. Ah, so that's why APT looked like an estate agent's car park!