Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reminder: Object to Betfred Appeal before it's too late!

The deadline for objecting to Betfred's appeal to the Planning Inspectorate is tomorrow, June 9th.
If you wanted to but forgot, there is just time!

Email: quoting reference  
and address it to Mrs Ruth Howell, The Planning Inspectorate.

See our last post about this.

And to get you in the mood, here are some comments from local people that have been left on the No to Betfred petition:

It's killing our high streets, our local high streets have enough problems without betting shops adding to the problem, they are also magnets for antisocial behaviour and crime, surely more than one betting shop within half a mile of each other should be sufficient for most people and areas! Sascha

Deptford already has enough betting shops without another opening up within metres of two other competitors. Gemma

Betting shops are already in the area and do not serve a useful contribution to the community. An additional betting shop can be seen to be encouraging people to gamble which can lead to unmanageable debts. Surely this is not good. Wai-Joe

Enough is enough...Call that REGENERATION? I call it DEGENERATION! This is one of the only streets around left with small shops, the type where you know the shop keeper on first name terms, these places are important for the community. Love deptford, not debtford! Cecile

The number of betting shops on deptford highstreet is beyond depressing, it is as if it is now an area past hope and has been abandoned to the parasites who feed on desperation and serve only the god mamon. These parasites also include the 3 pawnshops, almost in a row (broken only by the bookies) and the tesco metro that is sucking the life blood from the already struggling small grocers on the high street. This kind of planning is immoral; a daming indictment of our so called civilised society. Nuala

I have service users who live in the New Cross and Deptford areas: they suffer from the silent addiction of gambling, this area needs jobs and a Jobcentre plus so they can access the jobs. Stop targeting the poor and jobless – this really isn't fair!!!! Joan

I am working with vulnerable adults, specifically people addicted to drug, alcohol and gambling. Consequently, we see the devastation that betting can produce. It is criminal to allow such establishments to invade and ruin a local community, exploiting the most vulnerable. Our next generation has no role models other than the need to chase a dream that never becomes reality; dependent on benefit that will never suffice their needs and drives them to crime. Please, hear us, stop this. Brigitte

It is inhuman and, I'm sure history will see, a form of madness to allow gambling premises to exist in such proliferation in one urban neighbourhood, where children grow up. Build a Las Vegas in Chelsea for everyone to play but keep it away from being a Tax on the poorer people of the more neglected areas on London, nay any city. Simon

It's so sad to see Deptford high street turning into a poor man's casino, with the attendant junkies and beggars. I have experienced aggressive anti-social behaviour on the high street and I'm sure the betting shops contribute to it. There are far too many betting shops already. Nicholas

Enough is enough! Supercasinos were defeated but these ubiquitous dives slipped through. The gambling fraternity is laughing all the way to their banks! Mike

Councils & government should be working to prevent this. This should go hand in hand with supporting useful small retail businesses. Clusters of betting shops attract gangs, petty criminals, drug dealers and alcoholics and do nothing but harm to local communities. They are often sited in poor communities who can't afford to gamble in the first place. Douglas

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