Saturday, January 8, 2011

Live music at The Duke - Sunday 9th January

Some of the folk attending the wake at The Duke of the pub's ex-landlord Erich Höfer in November 2010 were keen to impress on the new landlord what a great music venue the refurbished pub would make, as they reminisced about the old days...(see previous post)

This has led directly to the pub's new owners giving the idea a spin. Their website now has a page devoted to the pub's musical history, and this Sunday sees the first live music gig. The evening has been arranged by friends of Ron Chisholm in celebration of his 76th birthday. Ron is of one of the oldest movers and shakers in the music business who is still working – managing bands, programming gigs at The Amersham Arms and the 100 Club among others, and ferrying musicians and equipment to and from gigs. Crossfields Festival could not happen without Ron's invaluable contribution.

One of his favourite bands is Shedload of Love, which grew out of the original bands who played the Duke in the 1980s, so who better to get the Duke's foray into live music going at the start of the new year...and Happy Birthday, Ron!

Shedload of Love, Sunday 9th January, 8pm. Admission free. All welcome.
The Duke, 25 Creek Road SE8


  1. A lovely evening. Looking forward to more live music in this venue.

  2. A truly great night - a wonderful way to bring music back to the Duke.