Sunday, January 23, 2011

Deptford on BBC news - the £10 austerity wedding dress

Deptford featured big at 6am yesterday morning as journalist and milliner Mary Jane Baxter set herself the challenge of designing a stylish wedding dress for no more than ten pounds for BBC News...

Option 1: the second hand market on Douglas Way...See Peter shouting in the background whilst Mary Jane rummages in Carey's Collections and finds a dress.
Option 2: Sew your own – at Peter & Joan's!
Option 3: Sense charity shop...

See it here on i-Player (while stocks last)


  1. Thought it a bit rich the reporter had to put on wellies to go rummaging in the clothes stall!

  2. I did a light-hearted post yesterday about dirty Deptford and what people seem to expect from us on this forum:

    And it spawned a spin-off thread here which someone took too seriously...

    I think we should try to take these things with a good sense of our well-weathered Deptford humour