Friday, January 7, 2011

Deptford Betting Map

View D=f(m,b,c) Deptford High Street in a larger map

We've updated the Deptford Betting Map since a comment to the Deptford Dame revealed there are in fact already TEN betting offices in the vicinity of Deptford High Street (we thought it was nine). The new Betfred coming to the ex-Halifax will bring the local total to ELEVEN. If you include the rest of Evelyn Street (still in Deptford) it becomes 13. The map shows that Betfred will be the SIXTH within a 150metre area in the south of the high street.

If you want to object to Betfred's application for a betting licence see our post here.

Meanwhile, this is a charming poster presently gracing one of the windows of the old Deptford Arms – at childrens' eye level. It seems to suggest that if you are an overweight woman you can become a man with an enormous knob...certainly not what anyone would call the 'usual prospects'...


  1. That poster is mystifying! I truly have no idea what point they are trying to make...!

  2. I followed it up. There's a manager's job going (40 hours p/w, no indication of pay) and a part-time cashier's (no indication of pay). Two shops, two jobs. No Job Centre.

  3. I think that is the dress code required on your first interview on application. I have not noticed any of the staff in their undies yet. May be they are not following the dress code required..and therefore there is a vacancy open. I hope to see if the new Manageress will follow the dress