Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Clean up your estate project

Oops! I nearly forgot...Weather permitting, tomorrow is the day "Community Payback" and "Agent Orange" are coming to Crossfields to MAKE US TIDY OURSELVES UP.

Quite who either of these entities are was not explained in the letter we all received before Christmas...but anyway, it was made clear that if we've got any of our belongings outside our front doors and on our landings (note, they don't say 'balconies') we are supposed to use this opportunity to dispose of them.

The Tenancy Agreement says we must keep the communal areas around our homes clean, free from obstruction and tidy at all times, and Agent Orange is coming to enforce this. I'm still wondering if it is a typing error since I thought Agent Orange was a chemical weapon used in the Vietnam War by the US Military, which led to 400,000 people being killed or maimed and 500,000 children born with birth defects.

Day One, Wednesday 12th January: 10am-12noon at Frankham House
Day One, Wednesday 12th January: 12-2pm at Finch House
Day Two, Thursday 13th January: 10am-2pm at Browne House

Some people round here are really untidy, so this may be a good thing...Trouble is, the 'belongings' I have outside my front door are mostly things I'd like to keep. Plants, pots, gardening stuff, a bicycle...y'know, the sort of stuff you don't want indoors? I'm wondering if I'll be made to move them, or whether Agent Orange is just going to spray them so that they disappear in a cloud of toxic dioxins. I may have a fight on my hands...

Oh dear, I'm sure Lewisham Homes means well, but honestly...Agent Orange?


  1. Yeah that must scare the hell out the Vietnamese who're running the bunkbed hotel on the first floor...

  2. Apart from the unforunate name this was a good idea except they didn't give enough time on Day Two which was supposed to serve five blocks. We had something really big which we dismantled ready for them to take but they didn't get to us in time. Now the caretakers will have to do it.