Monday, June 7, 2010

Watch the England games on the big screen at The Albany FREE!

If you're looking for a venue to watch England's first game in the company of fellow supporters, get down to The Albany on Saturday 12th June. This game will be shown in the theatre, I'm told, and there will be beer and pies available throughout. Performance poets Charlie Dark, Scroobius Pip, Kat Francois and Polar Bear will be cheer leading in the pre-match warm-up and at half time.

More info on this and the other two England games on the Albany website here. Since kick off is at 7.30pm you're advised to get there early to grab a seat (the Box Office confirms doors will open 6.30pm, contrary to the info listed on the website at the time of this post). Keep checking there for news of other game screenings.

It's not clear whether future games will be in the theatre or cafe, but both venues will be great places to watch with friends (as long as the beer doesn't run out).

You can also watch the footie on a big screen at:

THE BIRD'S NEST (+ sweep stake)
THE WICKHAM ARMS (+ barbeque on Saturday)

...any others you know about? 
Or perhaps you'd like to tell us about FOOTBALL-FREE ZONES!

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