Thursday, June 24, 2010

Deptford's poor keeping filmmakers in work...

I've just been passed a letter addressed to ''Dear Residents'' from Lewisham Homes Community Involvement Team.  Odd that I didn't get one - I only get invited to Senior Moments events.  Anyhow, bearing in mind that Lewisham has a higher than average number of people working in the public sector, so will be hit harder when the cuts arrive, there may be interest in people's tales of life on benefits...

Here's the letter in a letter with a contact number at the the bottom for anyone wishing to contribute.  Don't expect to get paid for it, mind...

Dear Residents,
Lewisham Homes has been approached to ask residents to come forward if they would like to participate in this televised interview about life on benefits, if you are interested please contact the person below.
Kind Regards,
Community involvement team
Century films are currently looking for people to interview as part of a programme idea that we are working on for the BBC.

The programme will explore the current benefits system and also look ahead to the imminent large scale reform that it is likely to undergo under the new government. We want to hear what life is like on benefits and how best they might be reformed, from the people who actually use them and will be affected by any changes.

We are looking, at this stage, to interview families or individuals who are currently on benefits about their personal experiences. We are hoping to interview people later this week and Louisa mentioned that I may be able to directly contact somebody from individual residents associations to speak about this in a bit more detail. If this is not possible could you kindly forward my email to them which has my contact number in the footer below so that they can contact me.

At this stage we are just filming a 5 minute taster tape for the BBC which will not be broadcast and anyone who takes part is not obligated to be involved again should the programme go ahead.

We really hope that a programme of this kind will give a voice to the people directly affected by an issue which is in such wide debate amongst politicians and society at large.

Century films is a multi-award winning production company which specialises in hard hitting documentaries please do have a look at our website for more information:

Many thanks in advance for your help,
Jess Franses

Development Researcher
Century Films
020 7378 6106

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