Friday, June 11, 2010

Deptford D Decker

You may have noticed there is an old double decker bus parked next to the Bird's Nest. This bus already has a Facebook identity – Deptford D Decker  – and, as is the fashion with Facebook, lots of locals on Facebook have made 'friends' with it/him/her/the project...316 to date.

Deptford D Decker's profile reads: "A double decker bus is currently undergoing a rapid transformation in Deptford from retired Yorkshire workhorse to a lovingly revitalised, revamped pizza restaurant come takeaway, it's set to all be very exciting stuff indeed!"

However, for some local residents, such a popular endeavour is a bit harder to swallow than a piece of greasy pizza. Frankham House residents overlooking the Bird's Nest have been tolerating a bit too much noise from the pub over the past few years. The loud music from the live bands was finally mostly sorted by the installation of double doors, but patrons smoking outside and ebulliently enjoying themselves outdoors continues to present a problem for some Frankham Housers.

Wary of any developments that may further interrupt their sleep, some of Frankham's residents opposed a previous project coming from 'John' (the same bloke who is now trying to set up the double decker pizza joint) to install some containers at the back of the pub in the 'carpark' between Creekside and the Creek to house a nightclub venue. Despite his assurances that the containers would be suitably sound-proofed, it was the idea of hoards of drunken people gathering on this little corner that worried the Frankham Housers...

Having been outdoors in this spot on many previous occasions I can honestly say that you have no idea how much noise you're making and how sound travels, and you're often shouting above the noise of the traffic...

Frankham resident, BC, has written to us to say that 'John' ( has contacted her to consult her on his new idea for the pizza restaurant, enclosing his plans. He admits: "I still have a slight legal issue with the pub who are challenging the right of access for customers over 'their' pavement to the front ! but hopefully will find a way forward. I would be happy to talk this through with you and your friends in more detail and hope that this time i might have your active interest and support ?"

Out of the 4 plans posted on Facebook (and also provided to BC), here is the general idea in one:

(Click to enlarge)

BC suggests the TRA should invite 'John' to a meeting to present his plans to a larger audience. Since that audience isn't likely to be very large, I'm posting here, where the audience may hopefully be a little bigger...

What do you think?

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